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KAESfoto - Photographers and Friends

Years ago our lives were related by friendship and passion for art of photography. Since that time we have remained in that feelings, gaining experience, skills and learning how to be simply the best we could. We established our co operation in 2006 and year by year it has became more popular. Now we understand each other better and we know how to combine our personal qualities to provide our customers with high quality service and beautiful photos but also with support and care; how to give them more than just a piece of paper with colourful ink on it; how to set the highest standards and preserve true beauty of moments in candid and timeless way. Each of our customers have their own story to tell and we believe we can be the “voice” that is perfect for retelling the story. Usually we work in teams of two which gives us more opportunities and perspectives to catch every relevant emotion or situation that is necessary to fulfill this particular moment that we are attending. We specialize in wedding photography, as we believe that love is one of the purest feelings. Watching your wedding photos we want you to look few years back and realize what did connect your lives together then and what still does years after. This is why every vivid emotion is so important for us to catch.

Apart from the wedding photography, we can also provide you with photo coverage of other important events such as: birthdays, anniversaries, cultural events, religious ceremonies etc.

Kacper – Father of company, photo artist and dad.

His hobby has became real passion just after high school. Friends have encouraged him on every step of his photo journey. They were helping him to reach for his goalscontinuously. He has started from making personal photo sessions and exploring urban areas in pursuit of beauty with camera in his hand. People liked it and he has begun his adventure with wedding and event photography. Since Kacper became a dad he has embarked his specialization in children’s photography.

Personal qualities: Perfect interpersonal skills, positive attitude (inveterate optimist), tons of ideas for perfect photo session set ups, artistic soul.

Kuba – photo artist, music enthusiast with a twist for journalism

As music enthusiast his photo adventure has started with music gigs. Every place he went, there was his camera hanging off his neck. Thus he was able to combine his fondness to music and shooting photos. During the time when he has not been making musicians uncomfortable, he was wandering streets of many big cities hunting for unique moments to catch them on his SD card. He started to have a bit of twist for journalism while he was taking photographs during political and cultural events. Then he started with wedding photography, and you know what? He is great at it!

Paweł – Photo artist, PR specialist, wanderer.

At his home there was a dark-room with tons of photo equipment, drying photos of beautiful landscapes, buildings etc. It just looked so cool for the little kid, that he couldn’t help himself to not to be fascinated. Living in the house full of sculptures, paintings and old books, the art has become a big part of his life. He believes that beauty is everywhere and it just takes a certain skill and perspective to notice it. He moved to UK and cooperated with a rest of the KaesFoto crew from abroad, while making photos of underwater life as a diver and expanding this hobby. But we all knew, there will be time to reunite and work side by side again.

Personal qualities – hunger for knowledge, artistic soul, great interpersonal skills

Personal qualities: Patience, persistence in achieving goals, ability to find himself in the right moment and the right place.